"To demonstrate and share the life-changing good news of Jesus Christ."


We are striving to build a community that engages, supports, and serves. Our community will be built on a biblical foundation, with a Christ-centered focus. It will be a community that believes in the Gospel, and in sharing the Gospel in all ways, at all times.


Ps. Terry Fulks

Ps. Terry has been preaching for over 40 years and he has been in the Lake Country Area for over 25 years. Pastor Terry's desire is to come alongside people and help them grow in their faith, to help them develop their spiritual gifts, and to see them live out their mission for Jesus.

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At Thirst we believe that everyone craves a better life for themselves. People have a deep desire for authentic connections with other people, to experience deeper meaning in their lives and to live for something that is bigger than themselves . We believe all these cravings can be found not in a philosophy or principle, but in the person of Jesus Christ.

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