What About Jesus?

January 23, 2022

Terry Fulks


Evidence for Jesus as the Son of God…


Historical Evidence:

The first-century Jewish historian Flavius Josephus, who according to Ehrman “is far and away our best source of information about first-century Palestine,” twice mentions Jesus in Jewish Antiquities, his massive 20-volume history of the Jewish people that was written around 93 A.D.

Thought to have been born a few years after the crucifixion of Jesus around 37 A.D., Josephus was a well-connected aristocrat and military leader in Palestine who served as a commander in Galilee during the first Jewish Revolt against Rome between 66 and 70 A.D. Although Josephus was not a follower of Jesus, “he was around when the early church was getting started, so he knew people who had seen and heard Jesus,” Mykytiuk says.


Archeological Evidence: 

There is nothing for Jesus for as any peasant there will be nothing left to dig up, however there is plenty of evidence for the N. T. being true and accurate.

Manuscripts: 5,500 for Greek New Testament partial or whole letters, 50 for Flavious Joesepheus, 660 for Homer Illiad (look up). Within 300 hundred years the whole New Testament was put together.


Prophecy Evidence:

Messiah born in Bethlehem: Micah 5:2 Fulfilled Matthew 2:1, born of a virgin Isa. 7:14 Fulfilled Matthew 1:22-23,  Messiah would be called Immanuel Isa. 7:14 Fulfilled Matthew 1:23, Spend time in Egypt, Hosea 11:1 Fulfilled Matthew 2:14-15. Will bring light to Galilee, Isa. 9:1-2 Fulfilled Matthew 4:13-16.


Is it reasonable to believe in Jesus? 

First off, only one scholar says that Jesus never existed. The rest of the agnostic or atheistic scholars say that Jesus existed. They don’t believe in His claim to be messiah.

Consistency of His teaching witnessed by four men Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Christ’s life matched His teaching and continues to impact the world throughout history. Today there are over 2.6 billion Christians worldwide. Christianity is the largest “religious” group in the world.


What if Jesus was never born:

  • Hospitals, which essentially began during the Middle Ages. • Universities, which also began during the Middle Ages. Reading glasses, In addition, most of the world’s greatest universities were started by Christians for Christian purposes. • Literacy and education for the masses. • Capitalism and free enterprise. • Representative government, particularly as it has been seen in the American experiment. • The separation of political powers.• Civil liberties. • The abolition of slavery, both in antiquity and in more modern times. • Modern science. • The elevation of women. • Benevolence and charity; the good Samaritan ethic. • Higher standards of justice. • The elevation of the common man. • High regard for human life.


Napoleon said: “I search in vain in history to find the similar to Jesus Christ, or anything which can approach the gospel. . . . Nations pass away, thrones crumble, but the Church remains.”



  • You owe it to yourself to investigate the unique claims of Christ.
  • No other religion offers grace for the forgiveness of sins.
  • No other religion or secular philosophy offers an identity that you don’t have to achieve.
  • There is more evidence for who Jesus is than any other religious leader ever.
  • People don’t like Christianity for their view is that of Nietzche that Christianity turns people into “moral slaves” and therefore holds people back from their true super selves.


Next Steps:

  1. If you have doubts about Jesus Christ please read The Case For Christ by Lee Strobel.
  2. Another good read for everyone is the book by Josh McDowell called More Than A Carpenter.
  3. Read the Gospel of Mark for the next 30 days. You can do it.
  4. Pray and ask God to help you to have a stronger faith.


Connection prayer:  Thank you Lord for not only for revealing yourself in nature, but also revealing yourself in your son Jesus Christ. I now, with what faith I have, confess that you Jesus died on the cross for my sins, were buried, and rose from the dead on the third day. I take you as my Savior, Lord, and Leader. Please forgive me of my sins and thank you for your forgiveness. Help me to follow you all the days of my life. Amen


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